HushSMS 0.3

Send stealth messages from your Pocket PC


  • Three message modes
  • Masks your number effectively


  • Not sure what you'd really use it for


I used to love watching those old James Bond films and checking out all the cool stealth equipment he used. The great thing is that, with today's technology these kind of gizmos are now in existence.

Take, for instance, HushSMS, an application that allows you to send stealth messages from your Pocket PC. In essence, this means you can send texts to another cellphone without the recipient ever getting knowledge of it. This is useful, for example, if you need to ensure that a certain phone is in use and that you can send information to it.

It's simple enough to use. You type the number of your recipient at the top or open their details from your contact book. Beware though, because for some reason you need to have the international access code in front for it to work. Once you've done that you need to choose the message mode. You can plump for a 'class 0' message, which is a Flash SMS, a simple PING to check the recipient's phone is on, or a normal SMS message.

Then it's just a case of entering your message and sending it. Be sure to check the box to request confirmation if you so desire. The great thing about the program is that the recipient won't know who has sent them the message and will instead just get something like 'Network Message' in the From field.

This makes it great for pinging another phone, but I can't help thinking there are more sinister things you can do using HushSMS.

HushSMS is a tool to sent a class zero message (aka Flash-SMS) or a stealthy PING message to another cellphone. The "Silent Ping" enables you to sent a message to another cellphone without the owner getting knowledge about.

The message is discarded on the owners phone and no trace exists. You will get back a message from the operator that your message has been delivered, proving that your message has been received, and thus you can know that the owners phone is switched on.

This is not some kind of hack or whatever. It's a normal function per standard and works on any phone.

Q: Why such a software? A: I regulary need it in my job. Sometimes I have to be sure a specific phone is switched on and I can send information to that phone without it beeing stored (class zero message).

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HushSMS 0.3

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